Keeping the List Ticking Over

After a few quiet days I managed to get out and about this morning with targeting some county ticks being the plan. So it was off to Blakehill with Lesser Whitethroat and Redstart the two target birds. Not always the easiest of species to find especially when they aren’t singing. Leaving the car I was greeted with Skylark song and a scan of the central area found a least a dozen flying around. Also seen were good numbers of Swallows and House Martins which were feeding low down. Heading along the perimeter track a small bird was moving from bush to bush as I approached. Eventually it revealed itself as a Whitethroat. Linnet and Goldfinches were flitting about and a Curlew called in the distance. There were a few butterflies around including Ringlet, Meadow Brown and Marbled White. I was quite a way along the track when I heard the tett tett call of a Lesser Whitethroat. The next ten minutes or so were spent gazing into a large bush until eventually the bird came into view. I was able to watch it for a couple of minutes as it sat preening. Moving on another bird flew out from a bush giving a flash of red as it went. It quickly disappeared into another lot of vegetation so it was back to bush staring again. This time it was only a couple of minutes before a male Redstart popped briefly into view. It then flew back past me and across the field before alighting in view allowing some photos to be taken. A great result with both target birds found within yards of each other.

The walk back didn’t turn up any new birds but a few moths were moving around in some brambles. A search through the book at home gave a tentative identification of Bright Wave but it didn’t quite look right so I am open to expert opinion as usual. I have been reliably informed that the moth is a Yellow Shell. Thanks to Steve Covey.IMG_3408 (1024x575)

2 responses to “Keeping the List Ticking Over

  1. Hi Malc, the moth is a Yellow Shell. I had a very worn one in my trap this morning!

    • wiltsbirder

      Cheers Steve. It doesn’t appear to have the white lines that are shown in my book so that is my excuse for the poor id!

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