A Churring Good Evening

With the forecast looking okay and my wife hosting a netball committee meeting at home I saw possibly a final chance to elevate Nightjar from seen to heard for 2016. So a little past eight saw myself and Matt heading off to Greenham Common. We started off with a stroll alongside the bunkerswith just a few birds being seen. By twenty past nine we were positioned in the area that I heard the Nightjars on my previous visit. As usual Song Thrushes were singing away. A couple of Bats were seen and Woodcock were heard and seen. First a single bird and then two flying together. As these went past we heard our first churrring. Heading towards the sound the usual thing happened with the churring stopping and then starting from a different location. We headed back out into a more open area and were graced with a flyby from a female Nighjar. This came by at head height and just a few yards away from us. It was joined by a second bird as a third churred in the background. A great result. As we headed back to the car Matt got me onto a Barn Owl which appeared to carrying prey. Back near the car park a young Tawny Owl started to call but although it was close we didn’t see it. Back at the car I had got in ready to go when Matt saw the Tawny fly across the road. On the way home we diverted via Savernake but nothing was seen. The drive back across the Downs where we we hoping for anothe Barn Owl was spoled when it started to rain. But no complaints as we were successful with the Nightjar.

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