Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Lure of the Nightjar

At a little before nine this evening I decided to go to Savernake for the fifth attempt at Nightjar. After the partial success last week I was hoping for some decent views this time. Conditions weren’t so good with the temperature down by around nine degrees, also there was a fair amount of wind. I arrived on site at around half-nine and by ten o’clock having seen only a single Buzzard, two Hares and several Wood Pigeons I wasn’t feeling very positive.. The four or so Song Thrushes had gone quiet and I decided that a quarter past would be my time to leave. About five minutes later a brief churring was heard and again a couple of minutes later. At ten past a Nightjar was seen in flight and over the next few minutes it showed really well and at one point came with a few feet of me. I watched it perch, hover and fly several circuits of the open area I was in. The best views I have had since a visit to Snelsmore Common several years ago. On the way back to the car I saw a young Tawny Owl fly across the track ahead of me. Also seen was a single Glow Worm and a brief glimpse of Venus and Jupiter in a small break in the clouds.

A Garden Surprise

Late this afternoon I heard a Corn Bunting, not unusual around Chiseldon I know but this one was at the back of my house in an Elder Bush in a neighbours garden. Not the usual place for one of these. It was singing on and off for a couple of minutes before it flew off across the village.IMG_9693 (1280x852)

This evening we went for a drive to Lechlade for a drink at the Trout Inn. There were plenty of Swallows and House Martins over the river along with a few Swifts. After a drink we had a walk along the river towards Lechlade. Two Grey Wagtails were at St Johns Lock and a Common Tern was patrolling along the river. A small flock of Canada Geese contained two neck marked birds but without binoculars I wasn’t able to read the codes.