Red-footed Falcon

On Thursday news came through of a Red-footed Falcon at Langford Lakes in Wiltshire. I had already planned to go to Anglesey on the Friday and fortunately I already have it on my county list so I wasn’t upset at missing it. It was still there on Saturday but I was unable to go due to family commitments. The same applied on Sunday as we still had visitors and I was heading up to London in the evening. This morning it was still there so instead of heding straight home in the afternoon I found myself driving down the M3 and onto the A303. With a slight diversion to avoid the usual traffic queues in the Stonehenge area I arrived at Langford Lakes at four o’clock. Fingers crossed this would be the first bird seen through my new scope. Again my luck was in for as I arrived at the far end of the reserve the Falcon was hunting over the scrape and my first sight of it was as it returned to one of its favoured perches with a freshly caught dragonfly. Over the next ninety minutes or so it regularly flew over to the scrape area and each time returned with another dragonfly. Mostly it was obscured by branches while it was perched but on a couple of occasions it sat out in full view seemingly unperturbed by the machine gun rattling coming from the several cameras that were trained on it. Having spent so long watching the Falcon I didn’t have time to see a Common Sandpiper that was there but did have good views of a Green Sandpiper that flew past a couple of times calling loudly.

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