An Hour on the Downs

On my way home from work I stopped of by the Ridgeway near to the Wiltshire / Oxfordshire border to sit in the car eat my lunch and hopefully see a few birds. It can be a bit hit and miss in these places, one day loads of birds and the next day next to nothing. SO today it started well with a couple each of Red Kite and Buzzard along with a Kestrel. A couple of flocks of Starlings were flying in the distance. Seeing a few birds flying up and down from a puddle I parked the car and settled down to watch. Chaffinches, Yellowhammers and Corn Buntings were the first birds seen. At one stage there were around twenty-five Corn Buntings scattered along the hedge. Then a couple of Reed Buntings appeared. The birds were flying between the hedgerow and a nearby weedy field with a few dropping down by the puddle to drink. Unfortunately a couple came along the Ridgeway with four dogs which caused all of the birds to fly off. I started to have a scan around whilst waiting for them to hopefully return and soon picked up a fairly large (several hundred flock of Starlings which was then joined by another. After a few minutes the small birds started to fly back into the hedgerow and I soon added House Sparrow and Great and Blue Tit to the list. Then a fifty plus flock of Linnets flew in calling loudly. Another scan of the hedge picked up a couple of Tree Sparrows, the first I have seen in this area. Some more people then came along the track and I decided that it was time to get myself off home.

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