As planned this evening Steve and I headed off to Savernake Forest. We arrived there at around quarter past eight. Parking at Eight Walks we strolled down to Thornhill. Fairly quiet on the walk down with Blackcap the best bird. As we approached the pond a pair of Mandarin flew out of the reeds calling as they went. In the pond were several newts and many tadpoles. Steve identified some Brown Silver-line moths. Green Woodpecker and Cuckoo were heard in the distance and a Little Egret flew over.. Moving on to our preferred Nightjar spot we saw Muntjac and Roe Deer. Almost immediately we heard and briefly saw Woodcock. Over the background noise of a large tractor working on one of the local farms we then heard a Nightjar churring. This was followed by a great view as it flew overhead. It then started churring again before flying back over to its original spot. So unusually we had better view of Nightjar than Woodcock. Also heard were young Tawny Owl and several Bats were seen. On a leisurely drive home along the back roads, no Owls were seen. However we saw the target birds so no complaints.

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