Birdy night out

A drive to Devizes for a W.O.S. indoor meeting. Steve had a fleeting glimpse of a Barn Owl on the way. After an excellent talk about St Kilda we headed home through the back roads. We reached Marlborough without seeing any wildlife at all and we were beginning to think it may be a blank night. Skirting the edge of Savernake we stopped for a coffee at Cobham Frith. Here we heard a Tawny Owl calling nearby. Starting off again, at last we spotted a Barn Owl on a fence post near to the old Ramsbury Airfield. Out through Ramsbury and we headed towards Aldbourne. Just before reaching Aldbourne a Tawny Owl was spotted perched in a roadside tree. I was a bit slow in reacting but we did have a good but short view. Finally not far from home we came across another Barn Owl obligingly perched atop a footpath sign. We stopped and had great views with the binoculars before it flew off. Again, another fruitful evening with Steve, who had seen a Barn Owl on his way to work in the morning having a total of four for the day.

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