Heading for the Hills

Today we went to see my son and his partner in Worcester. The plan was to head over to Malvern to walk up to the Worcestershire Beacon and to then go for Sunday Lunch. The Beacon is at 425 metres and our starting point at just over a 100 metres so it is a fair climb. As often the case it was not a birding walk but I did hope to find the Snow bunting that has been near tot he summit for several weeks. It was a lovely morning and we had an enjoyable walk up. We have done it several times before and this was by far the busiest that we have seen it. On reaching the summit I had a stroll around to look for the Bunting but with so many people around there was little chance of finding it in the short time available. Then it was time for the descent and to head off to the Swan at Whittington for what was a very nice Sunday lunch.

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