Should I Start a “From the Bed List”

For the last few nights we have been sleeping in the back bedroom as the motorway has been closed meaning there has been a lot more overnight traffic going past the house. Tonight however, the church bells were ringing and neighbours dog decided to have a barking session. So it was what turned out to be a fortuitous decision to decamp back to the front bedroom. My first alarm went off at 03:50 and unusually I decided to doze until the second went off five minutes later. As I lay there I heard a bird calling but I just couldn’t place what it was. The second alarm went off and as I got dressed I was listening out for it to call again. The rest of the dawn chorus was starting up but I faintly heard it again. A calling Quail just across the road from the house was certainly not what I was expecting. As usual I had cut time to the bone for getting to work but managed to listen for five minutes or so during which time it called four more times, I even managed to get a recording of it before getting myself out of the house.

2 responses to “Should I Start a “From the Bed List”

  1. clivebennett796

    A Quail! WOW I haven’t heard one in years. What luck.

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