Right Place, Right Time

We have just had a family camping holiday in the Woolacombe area. Not much birding was done and I only noted forty-three species over the week. Friday was heading home day and I set of home earlier than the others who had decided to spend a bit more time on the beach. As I am not a fan of sitting in traffic if it can be avoided I took a back roads route across Exmoor and then across to Bridgewater. Driving through Bridgewater I was feeling a bit hungry so decided to stop at a Sainsburys for fuel for myself and the car. I checked my phone before leaving and saw that a River Warbler had been found at Ham Wall which was about two miles off of my M5 avoiding route home. I parked in the RSPB car park at around half two and reluctantly parted with £3 for the car park. Paying for car parking is another thing I don’t like to do. A brisk walk soon found me on the path to the Avalon Hide where there were a half-dozen other birders. The RW had been seen about twenty minutes earlier. While waiting I was working out how long I could stay, with a couple of hours still to drive, a car to unload, a dog to collect and starting work at 03:15 the next morning I decided on half four. I soon revised this to 16:15 and as the clock ticked by I was feeling less than positive. Another Wiltshire birder arrived and we were chatting whilst i was watching the clock tick down. At ten past I was preparing myself to leave and literally as I was saying my good byes to Mike a shout came, River Warbler showing. And there it was at bang on 16:15, showing well and singing just twenty-five or so metres away. I watched for a few minutes, tried a couple of pictures then headed off back to the car with another lifer in the book.

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