Sunday Stop at Staines

On Sunday I went to my Mum’s and managed to get up early enough to have time for another look in at Staines Reservoir. It seemed quite pleasant when I got out of the car at the bottom but I wasn’t to be fooled and despite it being May put on a warm coat and took a hat and gloves. As is usually the case it was blowing well on the causeway and was pretty chilly. I had a chat with a couple of locals who told me that there were a few waders about and not much else. I headed off along the causeway following a Red Kite that was checking out the seemingly newly mown grass banks. Possibly not the best time to be doing it but maybe it needs to be kept down for operational reasons. I stopped for a couple of scans but other than Common Terns and many Swifts there wasn’t much of note. At the last seat towards the eastern end I started to check out the banks. Two Oystercatchers were on the north basin and on the south a Dunlin and a Sanderling which was a year tick. Heading back I stopped to take a picture of a DHL A300 departing the airport. Stopping to chat to the other birders another scan found a couple more Dunlin and then a Med Gull landed on the water right in front of us. A nice surprise before I left with a total of twenty-four species.

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