Finally made it to Portland

Normally by this time of year I would have made at least two visits to Portland so it was nice to finally get there. Leaving home at just gone half-four I was hoping for some Owl action on the way down but it wasn’t to be. First stop was at Martin Down, one of the few places in the area where Turtle Doves are still to be found, but for how much longer. On opening the car door there was one purring away fairly close by. It carried on doing so most of the time I was there but I didn’t manage to see it despite doing a complete three sixty walk around the area it was in. Apart from many Skylarks and a handful of Whitethroats it was relatively quiet here, maybe due to the continuing cold and windy conditions. Also noted here were a couple of Muntjac which were barking away in the woods and a Roe Deer.

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