So Little Time

One of the reasons for reducing the days I work was to allow more time to get out birding. It isn’t working, I just seem to be busy doing other stuff. Most of this weekend has been spent doing a patio base for my daughter. Two Peregrines over her house in West Swindon yesterday afternoon were a welcome distraction from the hard work. This morning I got a message from a friend who said that he had found a Pied Flycatcher on a private site at the Water Park. With a bit of juggling I managed to get out there late morning but unfortunately it had moved on. A nice bonus was a couple of male Redstarts which gave brief but good views. There were at least nine reported in the area today. Seven Ring Ouzels were reported from an area of Liddington Hill that it easily viewed from my house so it was rather annoying that I wasn’t around to see if I could get them on my window list. I shall definitely be trying for them tomorrow,

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