Well I Wasn’t Expecting That

Having had a busy day at work and a tour of the DIY sheds after I thought a short walk at Coate Water was in order. I was once again hoping for the elusive White Fronted Goose that has been reported a couple of times this month. Alas no goose but a couple of Snipe, a single male Mandarin and my first House Martins of the year made the visit worthwhile. Also seen and heard were a Green and Great Spot Woodpeckers.

On arriving home I had to load the car with some stuff for a job I am doing at my daughters house tomorrow. I felt my phone going off but didn’t check it. When I went back in the house dinner was ready but I decided to check the phone first. I certainly wasn’t expecting to see a report of a Buff-breasted at the Water Park. Fortunately I have an understanding wife so was very quickly on the A419 heading north. I managed top park at the closest point and a bit of a jog got me to the viewing spot on the Cleveland Lakes path. A couple of other birders offered me a look through their scopes but I couldn’t pick out the bird in the fading light. However I eventually got onto it thanks to some good directions from the others. Thanks, Nigel, Jon, Brian and the rest. I then finally managed to get in my own scope and watched for a few minutes as it stood almost motionless. It was pretty good watching it with a Booming Bittern in the background. I couldn’t remember if it was a lifer or a Wiltshire tick so had to wait until I got home to confirm. In the end it wasn’t a lifer but I can’t remember where I have seen one before. A massive record keeping lapse there. Thanks to Mark the finder for getting the news out so quickly.

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