Getting the Jab

With no call from my doctor I decided to book for my vaccination on the NHS website. For some reason there were no appointments available in Swindon so I had to go further afield. The options were Bath, Oxford or Salisbury. Straight away my birding head said Salisbury giving me the chance of stopping on the Plain on the way home. My appointment was at 14:00 and it was all very efficient. So much so that I was pulling out of the car park at twenty past after my fifteen minute wait. I started on the central perimeter road and the first birds seen were Kestrel and Corn Bunting. It wasn’t long before a bit of scanning found Great Bustard, a Drove of seventeen birds.This is the largest gathering that I have seen. A small flock of Golden Plover flew over and despite much searching the only other raptor found was a Red Kite. I then crossed over to the East side where I met an army convoy traveling in the opposite direction. I pulled off of the track to let them pass and for a couple of minutes was engulfed in a cloud of dust. I had no luck with Stone Curlew, Short-eared Owl or Hen Harrier but had great views of a Barn Owl hunting in the sunshine at around four o’clock. There were plenty of singing Skylark an Corn Buntings and Stonechats were perched up high. A couple of male Reed Buntings were noted, After hearing Curlew calling a search eventually found two birds , probably the best sighting from the twenty-three species seen.

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