99 – 100

This morning I had an 09:00 finish at work for a hospital appointment. When I go to the hospital the weather was overcast and damp. When I left it was much improved so as planned I headed Park Corner Quarry near to Daglinworth in Gloucestershire to try for the Great Grey Shrike that has been there for a few days. I saw one here several years ago and could just about remember the way. I had been heading into cloud most of the way and as I turned off of the main road the heavens opened which wasn’t particularly promising. However the rain soon stopped and coming out of the woods I saw several cars parked on the verge. The sun was breaking through as I got out of the car but the Shrike was not showing. Apparently it had been before the rain arrived. Fortunately it soon reappeared, first with a fleeting glimpse as it flew across the back of the scrub before it showed well moving from bush to fence and back again. We were looking straight into the sun which made photography a bit awkward. After showing well for several minutes the bird suddenly flew up and headed off high to the south before going out of site behind the trees. The it was off to the Water Park and Lake 16 for the Black-necked Grebe which was soon found out in the middle of the lake. Distant and diving frequently but giving good views. Now being on ninety-nine species for the year I headed to Lake 44 for an easy year-tick of Red-crested Pochard bringing me up to One Hundred. Goosander was a CWP year-tick but despite locating a noisy flock of Long-tailed Tits I could not find the Firecrest that has been seen around here. Heading homewardsI made a quick stop at Twitchers but there was no sign of the Marsh Harrier.

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