A Day in Geneva

My Mum is spending Christmas in the Jura region of France not that far from Geneva and the family decided the best way for her to get there was to fly and as she is eighty-six and partially sighted I found myself with the opportunity to accompany her on the flight which gave me the chance of a day sightseeing. We flew out on the Sunday afternoon and for the first time ever I used airbnb to find my accommodation. After a good flight over from Gatwick courtesy of Easyjet and a good nights sleep first light found me heading for the Lake Geneva via Lidl to pick up a Pain-au-Chocolat for breakfast. House Sparrow and Feral Pigeon were the first birds seen and then on the lake Goosander, Goldeneye and RC Pochard along with BH and YL Gulls. Walking along towards the City I soon added Tufted, Pochard and Great Crested and Little Grebe. There were good numbers of wildfowl but not in the numbers I had expected from looking at online reports. What was good though was how confiding the Goosander were. Unlike our local birds that move off quickly as soon as you get close these ones did the opposite and started to come closer. A Red-breasted Goose was a surprise but presumably not a wild bird. In all just twenty-two species were noted with only Crow and Blackbird added to the land bird list although to be honest I wasn’t looking that hard. Main disappointment was not finding any Ferruginous Ducks which was my target bird. However birds were only a small part of the day so most of it was spent just sightseeing and shopping. All in all a most enjoyable day was had despite no snow and many heavy bursts of rain. Another, as usual good flight with Easyjet I arrived home at half-ten all ready for Christmas.

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