A Five Wagtail Twitch

Yesterday a Citrine Wagtail was found at Pilning which is on the Severn Estuary between the Severn Bridges. I had no time to go yesterday  and had it in mind to maybe go today if it was showing and if I finished work in time. The bird was reported as being seen at a little past two and I finished work at a quarter to three so the decision was made to go. I had a good journey down apart from coming off the M5 at junction seventeen instead of eighteen. What was worse is that I didn’t realise until I had travelled almost four miles in the wrong direction. So much for being a professional driver. A quick U-turn and I was soon back on track. Having had a bit of sun on the way down the rain started just before I arrived so it was on with the waterproofs, gear out of the car and head on out to the Grebe Pond. There were only a handful of birders looking and the bird hadn’t been seen for a while. Still there was plenty of other stuff to see with Pied, White, Yellow and Blue-headed Wagtails, Wheatear and Stonechat along with hirundines swooping overhead and various warblers singing away. The area the Citrine was last seen in was a roughly ploughed field with many furrows and lumps of earth for the birds to disappear amongst so it was a case of scan and hope then repeat. With no sign after twenty minutes or so the sound of an approaching helicopter was to me an possible opportunity. And so it was as a Royal Navy Wildcat flew low over the field a good number of birds flew up and around. Fortuitously the Citrine was one of them and even more so it landed in full view and not that far away. We were then treated to good views as it wandered around, regularly disappearing from view and then reappearing as it flew up flycatching. I gave it a fair amount of time before getting myself back to the car and off home. Another good journey saw me home at around six-twenty with a lifer in the bag.P1000707

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