Lanzarote Part 3

The following day we had booked another trip with Eco-Insider. This time for a walk up to the volcano of Caldera Blanca. This turned out to be a fabulous walk which included a 1.1 km circuit of the crater rim. With fabulous views throughout another highly recommended trip. Not much going on the birding front with just Doves / Pigeons, Pipits, Linnets, Kestrel and Ravens and YL Gulls seen. A couple of the Ravens were loitering at the highest point which is where people sit and eat their food. Following the walk we chilled out at the hotel where amongst the sparrows and doves I was amazed to see a Great Grey Shrike taking chips from the area around the main pool. Amazing how birds adapt their behaviour to take advantage of our excesses. In all I saw it three times around the hotel. Also around the hotel today were a few Common Swifts, at least one Plain Swift and a few House Martins. For the next three days we had hired a car to start  headed for the other end of the island. Our first stop was a site recommended by Carmen and was called Bosquecillo. A walk here got Cattle Egret, Kestrel, Great Grey Shrike, Spectacled Warbler, Canary and African Blue Tit. There was an outside chance of Barbury Falcon here but we didn’t see one. The latter was heard several times but we got back to the car without seeing one. I said to my Wife that I would have another wander and hope to actually see one. After about five minutes wandering aimlessly around in the scrub my phone rang. Of course it was my Wife telling me that she was watching one atop a bush just a few yards from the car. Fortunately I managed to see it and eventually managed two more. We then headed into Haria where we visited the home of Cesar Manrique also had something to eat. From here we went to the Mirador Guinate and Mirador del Rio. The views were absolutely spectacular looking out across La Graciosa. Again though no sign of any falcons. I did however manage a picture of a Berthelot’s Pipit.P1000249From here we headed to the other end of the island for a look at the Janubio Salt Pans before watching the sunset into the sea at Los Hervideros. With only a short time available it was a case of scanning the Salt Pans from the road but I managed to add Black-winged Stilt, Greenshank, Redshank, Black-necked Grebe, Ruddy Shelduck, Grey Heron and Cormorant to the list. A couple of hours walking the area would I am sure turn up a good many more. Unfortunately the sunset didn’t go to plan due to a line of cloud sitting along the horizon. In the other direction though we were treated to the sight of the full moon rising over the lava fields and volcanoes.20190320_191100


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