A Day in London

And by London I mean Greater London or for those amongst us who have a few more miles on the clock Middlesex. My Mum lives in Osterley which, if you like underground trains (the station is at the bottom of the garden) and aircraft (three miles from the end of the runway at Heathrow) then it is a great place to be and that is without mentioning the Great West Road just beyond the station. However it is also  just a short walk from Osterley House and Park where there are Barn and Little Owls along with plenty of other good birds. So yesterday we hopped over the border into Surrey for lunch in Richmond. The Cafe Alhambra, which serves Moroccan and Mediterranean food was a great new find. A short after lunch walk down to the Thames got several Parakeets, loads of BH Gulls and a few assorted ducks and geese. Later on I went for a walk in Osterley Park where rather than the hoped for Little Owl, Mandarin became number one forty for the year. A very confiding Heron was stalking the edge of one of the lakes along with a couple of noisy Egyptian Geese. Pochard, Shoveler and Tufted made up the main duck contingent.

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