A Nice Bonus Bird

The last of my few days off today and I had plenty to do at home. The plan had been to spend an hour or so at the Water Park late afternoon and then move onto Somerford Common to try for Woodcock. With the jobs at home running behind I had decided just to go to The Common. However I got a call from Ian saying he was on his way to Twitchers for the Ring-necked Duck that had recently been reported via Twitter. Within ten minutes I was in the car on the A419, all jobs at home forgotten. Arriving at Lake 74 and joining Ian the RND was eventually found, which initially quite hard as it was constantly diving but fortunately usually coming up close to where it went over. Ian, who had been scanning through the gulls found a Yellow-legged. The duck finder Graham then arrived for another look. We decided to head off to Kent End and as we were leaving two Great White Egrets flew over, another county year tick. There were good numbers of birds at Kent End. Apart from gulls these included Lapwing, a single Shoveler and one possibly two Green Sandpipers. From here we headed off to Somerford Common, a site that I have only visited briefly once before. To be honest the Braydon Forest area is one that I have certainly neglected over the years. As the light eventually started to fade Tawny Owls started to call and finally, just as we were beginning to think that we would miss out at least two Woodcock started to fly around. So ended another successful trip out with another two year ticks and four for Wiltshire. Back at work tomorrow and with only one more day off this month which will be spent in London there probably won’t be much more seen in January.

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