A Sunday Walk

After staying in bed until an almost unheard of ten o’clock I went out in the garden, cut the grass and hung out some washing! At just gone midday myself the wife and dog headed off to Hackpen Hill for a walk along the Ridgeway to Fyfield Down. Although not particularly cold there was a strong wind blowing which was keeping the small birds out of sight. Apart from corvids and pigeons just a Stonechat was seen along the track to Berwick Bassett pond where we stopped to eat our soup and sandwich. The path to Totterdown Wood was just as quiet and the wood gave just Blue and Great Tits and a lone Dunnock. Heading from the wood onto open ground a couple of Hares shot off from almost underfoot, amazingly the dog didn’t even see them go. A Red kite was on the ground and being hassled by a small group of Crows. A mixed flock of Fieldfare, Redwing and Starlings flew from some trees on our approach and then four Red Kites passed overhead making the most of the wind with an aerobatic display worthy of the Red Arrows. Small birds were again hard to find with just a Meadow Pipit, Bullfinch and Yellowhammer noted. Back on the Ridgeway a flock of at least a hundred Golden Plover flew up from an adjoining field, wheeled around a couple of time before settling back down. Checking out where they had landed I found a number of Lapwing huddled down against the wind. Two Buzzards were the only new species seen on the walk back along the Ridgeway to the car

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