The Chase is Over

Noting that the Ring-necked Duck had reappeared at the Water Park and finishing work at lunchtime today I headed off to the Water Park. There are two places to park for Lake 16 and I chose the southerly end. Snatching a quick sandwich before venturing out into the cold wind I had a quick check of Twitter. RND showing well at the northern end of 16 at 11.30 was the message I got. So a quick drive to the other end and in the company of another Wiltshire Birder (safety in numbers when in Gloucestershire!!) the duck was soon found, close in along with a small flock of Tufties. With this being about the twelfth lake checked out for this bird over four visits it was nice to finally get it on the yearlist. It just needs to head back into Wiltshire now. From here I headed over to Eysey where I year ticked Golden Plover for Wiltshire but by minutes missed out on an Oystercatcher.


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