Right On Plan

Today I went on an Indian cookery course near to Radstock. I left a few minutes earlier than needed so I could stop off at Box en-route to look for a Wiltshire Dipper. With it being a miserable morning and despite arriving just after the official sunrise time the light level was not good. With the limited time I had available I wasn’t hopeful of a positive outcome. Parking near to the recording studio I quietly approached the bridge over the river. As I looked over a Kingfisher flew from a perch right below the parapet. It was quickly followed by another bird which crossed over the river and disappeared under the overhanging vegetation. In the gloom I was not able to be sure that it was a Dipper. After a couple of minutes late a bird flew from the bank and away upstream under the bridge. A brief call confirmed that it was indeed a Dipper. I took the path upstream and arriving at the mill pond could hear a Dipper singing. I quickly found it perched on an overhanging branch and was able to watch it for a short while before it flew. I managed to find it again and watched as it entered the water a couple of times before moving away out of sight. Considering that on previous visits here I have spent a considerable time searching for both of these birds I certainly struck lucky. After the course I was going to drive across to Chew Valley Lake but it was pouring with rain so decided to give it a miss and headed straight home.


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