Out in the Snow

Along with many others on waking up to a bit of a winter wonderland (unless you were out on the road) we decided to change our plans for the day. We had intended to go for an early morning walk at Greenham Common and then to head into Newbury for a cooked breakfast and a bit of christmas shopping. We ended up with a wander round Morrisons and a circuit of the lake at Coate Water. There were a few people out at Coate but not as many as I had expected. We only saw one snowman, a wasted opportunity for the local kids. When ours were young we missed a chance to get out in the snow. The corner by the cafe  (which was closed as usual when the weather is inclement, not much commitment by whoever runs it.) had a few people feeding the birds and there was a frenzy of Coot, Mallard and BH Gulls along with a hundred or so Feral Pigeons on the path. Of more interest were a group of Tufted Duck that were constantly diving. One 2W Common Gull was associating with them, maybe hoping to snatch an easy meal. Just before the causeway between the lakes a Kingfisher flashed past and on the partially frozen reserve lake was a large flock of Canada Geese. Carrying on a around the main lake we ventured out onto one of the fishing stands. From here I counted fifty-one Mute Swans and three Goosander, two male and one female. Also seen were a few large gulls and half-a-dozen Wigeon. Along the Hodson Road path along with a small flock of Great and Blue Tits was a single Goldcrest. That was about it for here. Back at home was the usual noisy flock of House Sparrows and a small charm of Goldfinches.

2 responses to “Out in the Snow

  1. Cafe owners from Calne so couldn’t,t reach Coate Water.

    • Very little snow in Calne, road to Wootton Bassett was okay, Swindon not great but driveable.
      I have noticed on other occasions that when the weather is poor the cafe isn’t open. It appears that if there is no prospect of making money due to the conditions then the cafe doesn’t get opened. Surely if you take on a cafe in a Country Park then you should be there come rain, shine or snow.
      Maybe Swindon Council will soon be using money from the car parking to build a decent facility at Coate. But I’m not holding my breath on that one.

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