Close Encounters

Some days on my way to, and at work I see very little in the way of wildlife, today I just seemed to attract all sorts. On my drive into work at half two this morning I had two foxes run across the road a little way ahead of the car and a Roe Deer step out of the roadside vegetation causing me to brake sharply to avoid contact. In the lorry heading up the Fosse Way just outside of Moreton-in-the Marsh a Barn Owl appeared swooping low across the road. Not close enough to need to get on the brakes but I did hit the cancel button on the cruise control. . On my return journey a flock of Fieldfare flew low across the road giving me a very close view of one individual. Finally a Goldfinch suddenly appeared directly in front of me, unfortunately despite it taking evasive action there was a surprisingly load bag as it was hit by the roof spoiler adding one more to the road casualty total.

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