Wales and the Water Park

For the third time this week I was in Wales. Yesterday it was to Barry and Cardiff and today back to Aberdare and Mountain Ash. While I was at Barry I had hoped to drive along the Dock Road to see if the Diver was still around but unfortunately time was against me so it didn’t happen. Today it was a chance to see my regular Dippers again. However after the recent heavy rain the river was running high and fast and all of the regular spots that the Dipper frequents had been engulfed. Looking from the footbridge a movement caught my eye and there was the Dipper picking its way along a moss covered concrete slope on the waters edge. Occasionally it attempted to go into the fast-flowing water but each time pulled back. A Grey Wagtail briefly perched on an overhanging branch but nothing else was seen. At Mountain Ash I did my usual short walk along the river path but all of the rocks and muddy bays were gone. I reckon the water was around a foot higher than on Monday. A pair of Goosander were taking advantage of a small area of calmer water created where some vegetation had taken a hold and debris had caught in the branches. Apart from these the only other birds seen were Song Thrush, Bullfinch and Wren. Finishing work at a little past one I decided on a local twitch with a drive over to Eysey to see if the Great White Egret was still around. I stopped at the gate and a quick scan soon found the GWE in the company of a Little Egret giving a good size comparison. My timing was spot on as both birds took flight and landed out of sight under the front bank of the lake. With nothing else of interest here I headed out past the airbase at Fairford to check out Lake 125 for the 1W Scaup that has been hanging around with a flock of Tufted Duck. Here my timing wasn’t so good, as I arrived at the same time as a squall. The rain reduced visibility markedly and most of the birds disappeared amongst the waves created by the wind. It was a good fifteen minutes before it passed over, then the sun came out causing a large amount of glare from the now calmer water. It took a few minutes but eventually I found the bird and got a fairly decent view. So one Wiltshire and two UK year ticks for me. Whereas ticks are usually few and far between this end of the year, for me, having not been out much they keep on coming

One response to “Wales and the Water Park

  1. Well done. Making up for lost time!

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