More of the Same…..

….as in a quiet start to February after a quiet finish to January. On the return leg of a  wet trip to Bournemouth today a good few birds were noted at the pig farm at Old Sarum. Several hundred Lapwing, plenty of gulls and a couple of Little Egrets were seen as I drove past. On a stop for a break near to Bulford I saw and heard several Skylarks displaying. Nearer to home and just before leaving the M4 an adjacent wet field held a skewer of Egrets. Obviously I wasn’t able to stop to confirm which sort. So on my home from work I headed along Wharf Road to see if I could find them. The field I had seen them in is not really visible from Wharf Road but fortunately they had moved and were in the field next to it. I was also lucky that there was a place to pull in. A quick count revealed twenty-two Little Egrets and unfortunately none of the Cattle variety. This is the largest gatheing of egrets I have seen in the Swindon area. It could be worth keeping an eye on the area in case something more interesting turns up. I stopped by Wroughton Reservoir as well and there were fewer birds than last time. Twenty-one Gadwall, four Tufted, five Little Grebe and a couple each of Mallard and Moorhen was all that was there.


2 responses to “More of the Same…..

  1. Thanks …will look tomorrow at Wharf Rd for Egrets..

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