Not a Great Weekend for Birding

Yesterday I had to go to Swanage but had little time for birding. Also I wasn’t able to take my scope so just had binoculars. The only birds of any interest identified on the sea were a few Gannets and a couple of GBB Gulls. On the way home I made a brief stop at Blashford Lakes. The Woodland Hide was as usual great with the feeders busy. A smart male Siskin was best here. Ivy South didn’t have a Bittern waiting for me and a couple of minutes in the Tern Hide was long enough to get my first Goosanders of the year. There was enough light left for a bit of a drive around on Salisbury Plain which was worthwhile with three Short-eared Owls being seen. Also a couple of large flocks of Starlings passed over and I got my first Linnets of 2017. Today was spent at my Mums in London. A walk in Osterley Park found a single Egyptian Goose amongst loads of gulls, a few Shoveler and a single Teal loafing about on the ice on the still almost completely frozen lakes. As usual plenty of Parakeets were flying around but little else was noted.

3 responses to “Not a Great Weekend for Birding

  1. Richard Williams

    Hang on Malcolm…”Not a great week-end for birding” and you saw a Serin!!!! I’m still missing Goosanders: couldn’t see any at a soggy Coate this afternoon.

    • Hi Richard,

      No prize for being one of the sharp-eyed people who noticed my small mistake buut thank you. How I managed to turn a Siskin into a Serin I do not know.
      Fancy a job as a proof-reader?

  2. Richard Williams

    Easily done I’d say (mixing up Siskin and Serin – not proof reading!)…I see Dave Butcher has seen a Serin in East Sussex.

    I’d be glad to see a Siskin – proving to be a bit of a bogey bird for me!

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