Railway Path and the Hill

Yesterday afternoon I took the dog for a walk along the railway path. There were a lot of birds around, mainly the commoner stuff with five Bullfinches being the highlight. Today I was going to do the same walk but at the last minute decided to drive up to Folly Farm and walk along towards the Ridgeway.  In contrast to the walk yesterday it was very quiet on the bird front. In the first half-hour I only saw Buzzard, Red Kite, Robin, Blackbird and a few pigeons and corvids. I then turned back  towards Liddington Hill and saw a covey of twelve Red-legged Partridge flying across the top field. A female Stonechat popped up on the fence and a couple of Wrens were flitting about. Another Partridge flew off from the grass and from the call it was another Red-legged. A bit further on it flushed again and flew off ahead off me. Further still and a movement caught my eye, expecting it to be the Partridge again I was pretty surprised when four Short-eared Owls flew up from the grass. Two headed in one direction and the others singly went different ways. I got reasonable views before they all disappeared from sight. A fabulous sighting. A small flock of fourteen Meadow Pipits were the only other birds seen.

One response to “Railway Path and the Hill

  1. Richard Williams

    It’s always nice up there: the birds make it even better!

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