Worthing Pier Again

Another trip to Worthing today and another fifteen minutes birding on the pier. I am a bit restricted on these occasions as I only carry a pair of travel binoculars with me in the lorry. As on my last visit the tide was out again but this time I didn’t manage to find any Turnstones on the beach around the pier. An Oystercatcher was a new species for me here (also a year tick) as was a Great-crested Grebe on the sea. Other than these it was the standard fare of pigeons, corvids and gulls. Additional interest was provided by an older gentleman who was, barefooted and in swimming trunks, picking his way across the stones to the sea. All year swimming I do not get to be honest but all credit to him. The strange thing was that when he reached the sea he immersed himself for about thirty seconds before getting out and heading back up the beach. It seemed a lot of effort for little reward. On the way back along the coast road I came off the A27 at the Farlington junction and a slow drive back up the slip road got me three waders on the mud, Curlew, Blackwit and Redshank. Also here were many gulls and a handful of Little Egrets. Back in Swindon I stopped off a Liden Lagoon where I failed to add Goosander, Pochard or Common Gull to my list for the year. Plenty of birds around although mainly a mix of gulls and the commoner waterfowl. Singles of Cormorant and Heron were the best birds seen.


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