Keeping Local

Driving back from Coventry this morning it was again frustrating (third time this month) having to pass through Stow and not being able to stop to check out the Blue Rock Thrush. After work I had another look along the B4005 Wharf Road. I found three Little Egrets feeding amongst a flock of gulls in a wet field but again no sign of any Cattle Egrets. I did notice that there were no animals in any of the roadside fields so it would be interesting to try and find where they have been moved to. I then headed for Barbury Castle where a half-hour or so at Finch Corner turned up lots of Chaffinches , Blue and Great Tits but nothing rarer. It was enjoyable watching them coming out to the feed I had put out. Only problem here is the amount of passing traffic, mainly cyclists and joggers as whenever they pass all of the birds disappear into the bushes and don’t return in numbers for a few minutes. Heading home from here I saw a flock of around a couple of hundred Lapwing lazily wheeling around over Hodson.

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