Today I Saw the Sea at Southsea

Having been frustrated by not being able to get to the seafront at Southsea on my last two work visits I finally managed it today. I had finished my delivery before nine this morning so decided to go and see if I could stop near to the seafront. I took a chance and parked nearto the mini go;f course and walked across to the Castle. THere was a nice flock of Brent Geese on the grass and on arriving at the front the first bird I saw was a Rock Pipit. The tide was a little way out but I soon managed to find a couple of Purple Sandpipers. I wasn’t far from the Pyramid building where a Black Redstart has been seen recently but wasn’t sure that I had time to search for it. A couple of birders were walking across from the building and a quick enquiry found that they hadn’t been able to find it. So decision made I headed back to the truck and away to sample the joys of Waterlooville. Back in Swindon I drove home via the B4005 from the M4 to Wroughton were some Cattle Egrets were seen on Thursday. As was the case yesterday there was unfortunately no sign of them.


2 responses to “Today I Saw the Sea at Southsea

  1. Ms Kathy Kinloch

    What a lovely array of birds. Thank you for sharing.I believe I may have seen 3 cattle egrets in one field along with a group of small egrets in another field along the B4005 towards Wroughton from Swindon yesterday the 15th January.

    • Hi Kathy,

      It is quite likely that they are still around. A lot of fields around there are not easily visible so plenty of places for them to be. I also regularly see Little Egrets in the fields next to the motorway in that area

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