A Rainy Day Bonus

With the weather today being pretty rubbish I had decided to have a day catching up with stuff at home. I was in the middle of making bread when I got a Grapevine text reporting two Cattle Egrets at Heddington which is a couple of miles from Calne. It also said they had been there for a couple of weeks. However I decided to go as soon as the bread came out of the oven. This area is another that i don’t know very well, I have been to Heddington once, a few years ago for Sunday Dinner at the Ivy pub. It was a wet drive down via AVebury and the only birds of any interest seen were a dozen or so Red-legged Partridges in a field alongside the A361.Fortunately Heddington is a small place and the Egrets were seen straight away in a field of sheep behind the Ivy Pub. I watched them for a couple of minutes from the car and then moved onto the village car park. A short walk from the car got me a lot closer and again I watched them for a couple of minutes. Not long but long enough to get quite wet. They were busily feeding and took no notice of me. Annoyingly there were close and I could have got a good photo if I had a camera. A little later on I had a call from the repair people quoting over a hundred and eighty pounds for the repair of said camera. Definitely not worthwhile so maybe will be looking for a new one sometime soon. With the amount of Cattle Egrets in the country at the moment I am sure that there will be more to see locally but it was nice to get them in the book this early in the year.


4 responses to “A Rainy Day Bonus

  1. Richard Williams

    Hi Malcolm
    Was that a Wiltshire Grapevine (WOS) text for I didn’t receive it. Got me wondering now if I only ticked some areas, for the ones I do get all seem to be from CWP or Swindon. I only signed up to it last year.
    Many thanks

    • It was a sort of grapevine. I get mine from Nigel and one other person and it was the second person that sent it not Nigel. Not on your way to work either! As they have been there two weeks hopefully they will still be there at the weekend. Use the pub as an excuse to get out there it was always a good pub, new people running it now but still looks good from reviews I read.

  2. Richard Williams

    Thanks Malcolm. A little limited on time this week-end. WeBS Survey then Goosanders is my aim and Waxwings if still about.

    • Will keep you busy. Going to be wet on Sunday I believe. 4 Cattle Egrets were reported yesterday between M4 J16 and Wroughton on the B4005 in a field of sheep. I couldn’t find any today but may be worth a look. I am working both days but may try and have a walk at Coate if time permits.

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