I shall start with wishing all who are still following me a Happy New Year. Thank you as always for sticking with me. After my eventful 2016 I hope that this year will see a return to normality (whatever that may be).

So after a fairly late night I had no plans for today, especially with the weather looking to be pretty miserable. As it happened I was awake before eight so decided to get up and go to Roves Farm to see if the Cattle Egrets were still around. If they were I couldn’t find them so it was back home for me with 15 species on the list. Bullfinch being the best of them.  Later in the morning we took the dog for a walk in Lydiard Park. Not my choice as I object to paying the parking charges that have been implemented. However I am looking forward to them spending some of the money on improving the disgraceful state of some of the paths. My mother who is partially sighted found them to be a real struggle and had to be assisted in many places. Not good enough for a so called flagship amenity. As the council obviously want shot of the responsibility of running these places they aren’t bothering with maintenance. In the afternoon I saw that the Egrets had been reported so had another drive out there, again with the same result. I did manage to get a Marsh Tit in the pouring rain so not a wasted trip. Tomorrow I have a day of Wiltshire birding planned so have my fingers crossed for a productive day. I have in my head a target of sixty species and this will be without going to the Water Park, so it will be interesting to see how I do.


One response to “2017

  1. Hi Malc. The local grapevine has failed me – you’re comment is the first time I’ve heard about Cattle Egrets at Roves Farm. Although on my Wilts list I’ve never had particularly satisfying views of them so would welcome the chance [and maybe some photos!] Where at the farm have they been frequenting as I may try and get out there tomorrow [if I can shake off this virus….] Cheers, Steve.

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