From the Cotswolds to the Plain

Late afternoon news from Gloucestershire yesterday necessitated a quick change in my arrangements for today. This allowed me time albeit with an early start to get to Stow-on-the Wold hopefully to catch up with my second new UK Thrush this month. So after scraping the car clear of frost at a little before half-six three of us left Chiseldon via North Swindon to collect number four to head out to Stow. Fortunately the fog wasn’t as bad as forecast and we made good time arriving at around a quarter-past seven. As it was still almost dark decided to wait in the car for a few minutes before joining the light flow of birders heading for Fishers Close. I then got a Tweet reporting the Thrush already showing so we piled out of the car and made the short walk to the site. After a few minutes of standing in the cold ( a far cry for my last one in the sweltering heat of the Boqa Valley Majorca in August last year) a resident came out and informed us that the Thrush was feeding in his garden. It was then a case of waiting for it to show. Within a few minutes it obliged by flying up into a tree in the same garden. Despite the lack of light the bird was easily identifiable and with a little imagination the blue tinge could be made out. It then dropped out of sight for a while before reappearing a few minutes later. This time with improved an light level much better views were had by the well in excess of fifty birders present. Three of us had other commitments later in the day so when it next dropped down we all decided that we were happy with the views and headed back to the car. After an uneventful journey home it was time to prepare for an afternoon trip, with my Wife and the dog, to Imber Village on Salisbury Plain. The main purpose was to visit the abandoned village but a little time was made for birdwatching. Unfortunately it was very quiet with only fourteen species seen which didn’t include any Harriers, Owls or Shrikes. However we had an enjoyable walk around Imber including a visit to the church. Back to work tomorrow so that is probably my lot for birding this year.


One response to “From the Cotswolds to the Plain

  1. Richard Williams

    Thanks for driving today Malcolm. And thanks too for sharing this record of your fabulous birding year. Here’s to 2017, hopefully a year of more good birding – with good health….

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