Back in the Groove?

For mainly social and domestic reasons birds have been pretty low on my priority list lately and I saw no reason for that to change this weekend as I was working both days and still had loads to do at home. However the day got of to a nice start with a Woodcock seen flying overhead work at a quarter-to-four this morning. Then in Worthing a walk along the pier found five Turnstones. Finishing work at just gone half-twelve I decided on another quick visit to the Water Park for my fourth attempt at seeing the Great White Egret that has been in the area of Lake 74 for a few days. This time I was lucky as on pulling up at Twitchers I could see it on the far bank, Out of the car and a quick look with the bins before getting the scope out. No sooner than I got it in the scope it upped and flew across the lake towards me before disappearing off to the right. Great timing for a change. A quick check on Twitter before I headed home showed that an Eastern Black Redstart had appeared at Tewkesbury Abbey. In birding time this was almost on the way home. A quick call was made to the wife and permission was granted for the diversion. By two o’clock I had parked and seen the bird. It was pretty mobile but giving good views on the Abbey and even better when it dropped down into a nearby tree. Twenty minutes wasn’t really long enough watching but I needed to get back home. So I headed back to the M5 and home happy with a Wilts year tick and a lifer (sub-species still though I guess).



2 responses to “Back in the Groove?

  1. Richard Williams

    I know I won’t be the only one to welcome your return Malc….I did literally think you were on your way back to the depot and did a quick diversion into Tewkesbury!

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