The Last Few Days

Friday saw me in Worthing again where I added Red-breasted Merganser to my ever growing from the pier list, it is now on seven! Saturday morning was domestic duties, mainly shopping and gardening. In the afternoon my wife and I headed off to Swanage to where my son and his girlfriend have recently moved. No birding on the way down as we needed to get there asap. Various walks on the seafront Saturday and Sunday turned up nothing of interest and no birding on the way home as we had visitors due at home around five. Most frustrating as there were good bird around at Lytchett Fields and Blashford Lakes. There wasn’t even time for a drive across the Plain. To cap it all three Common Scotors were gracing Lake 74 at the Water Park. After work on Monday saw me heading out to Twitchers hoping that the Scoters had stayed. After thirty minutes of looking amongst the many Wigeon and Coot I concluded that they hadn’t. A pity as they would have been a county year-tick. So onto today and I was near to finishing some training at work when I received a Grapevine text, two Cattle Egret at Ashton Keynes. Fortunately I was able to get there pronto and was rewarded with a long awaited and after three previous dips county tick. Wiltshre total is now two hundred and sixteen.  Another look from Twitchers found a similar amount of duck but again no Scoters.


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