Two Castles

Did my regular drive at Barbury Castle on the way home from work this afternoon. Othe than a Kestrel and a flock of a couple of hundred Fieldfare not much was seen. The plover flock was in the farthest field from the road today. A quick scan with the scope showed that there were fewer Golden Plover and many more Lapwing. Back home I had a few jobs to do so planned to give Liddington a scan from the bedroom window. In the end I changed my mind and went up there. I found a sunny spot out of the winf to watch from and at about a quarter-to-four the first of two Short-eared Owls appeared. I watched it as it quartered the hillside until a couple of Crows started to mob it. It then climbed higher and disappeared out of view. I then found another perched on a Hawthorn and was watching this one when the first one reappeared. I had also seen one briefly over the field beyond the hill but this may or may not have been a third bird. Two Kestrels, a Buzzard and a few Fieldfare were the other birds seen.

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