The Coast and the Castle

This morning work took me to Gosport where the delivery point is just across the road from Walpole Lake which is well known from a Ring-billed Gull that returned to the area for many years. Unfortunately it hasn’t been around for the last couple of winters. A quick walk to the water got me plenty of Herring Gulls, sixteen Brent Geese, five Redshank and a Little Egret. Later. on my way home I did the now regular drive to Barbury Castle. A look in at Wroughton Reservoir found a few Gadwall and a handful of Little Grebe. Red Kite, Kestrel, Fieldfare and Song thrush were the best around the Castle. Final stop was again Alexandra Park where I attempted to count the birds in the Golden Plover flock. They were scattered far and wide across one large field and also moving around a lot. I got as far as three hundred before losing the will to count but reckon that there were at least two hundred more. Also here were around a hundred and fifty Lapwing and quite a few gulls and Starlings.


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