Back to the Early Mornings

Now all of the medical stuff from the past year seems to be sorted the easy life at work is over and it is back to early morning starts for me. Leaving the house at 03.05 yesterday morning I drove in via Broome Manor Lane. In short order I saw a Muntjac in the hedgerow and a Badger and a Fox both ran across the road in front of the car. Later on in sunny Worthing a walk along the pier got me a few Turnstones amongst the feral pigeons and Black-headed Gulls. After work I had a drive round at Barbury Castle. Plenty of birds around with two Stonechats and thirty or so Fieldfare the best. Red Kite, Buzzard and two Kestrels along with a single Mistle Thrush were also seen. A flock of over a hundred Lapwing were doing what Lapwings do best (very little) in a field near to Hodson             This morning I drove to work via Wroughton where I saw another Fox and had a Roe Deer hurtle out of a field and across the road causing me to brake sharply. The afternoon drive home again took in Barbury Castle. Quieter today with just the two Stonechats, the flock of Fieldfare and a Buzzard. The Lapwings appeared not to have moved from their field and there were a good number of Black-headed Gulls scattered around in the fields.


4 responses to “Back to the Early Mornings

  1. That sounds like good news, but such an early start seems awful!
    Best wishes for a very healthy year ahead of you, Malc!

    • The early start is fine once you get into a routine. As long as i get 6 hours sleep i am fine. Thanks for the best wishes.

  2. Richard Williams

    Glad to hear you’re back full time Malcolm. The early starts sound harsh but with the bonus of still having some daylight at the end of the working day.

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