Staying Local

This morning I went for a walk at Soutleaze, an area I haven’t visited for quite a while. On the northernmost lake were two Mallard and three Little Grebes. There were large numbers of Swallows and House Martins overhead and a flock of Goldfinches was quite mobile. A single Whitethroat and a couple of Blackbirds were the only other birds seen in this area. At the lake nearest to the motorway there were a few Mallard, nineteen Canada Geese and single Coot and Mallard. A good scan found a Green Sandpiper amongst the geese, a Snipe in the vegetation on the lake margins and just as I was leaving a Lapwing flew in./ This evening I went back to Coate with my camera. When I arrived there were some people feeding the birds but the Med Gull wasn’t amongst the seventy or so Black-headed. Moving around a bit I found it sat on the far side of the third platform up on the diving tower. I was joined by Jon Mercer and together we walked to the opposite side of the tower hoping for a better view. As we arrived a black-headed Gull landed next to the Med. This caused the Med to get up and walk back to thew other side of the platform. So it was back to our orignal spot where we managed a few pictures. A couple of minutes later it flew off along the lake where it disappeared from view around the corner. It seems that half-six to seven may be a good time to have a look for it as these are the times it was on the platform yesterday and today.

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