Fourth Time Lucky

Today at Coate and after visits this year to Langford Lakes, Sarum pig farm and yesterday evening to Coate Water, this evening I finally caught up with a Med Gull in Wiltshire. Yesterday evening I suggested a  family walk at Coate to try for the individual that has been reported a couple of times recently. I didn’t manage to find it but what was found was a mass of people out playing Pokemon Go. In my eyes very strange, but hey each to their own. Despite extensive scanning of the area I couldn’t see any myself, maybe I need a pair of Virtual Reality Binoculars! So this evening I headed back there on my own (wife and daughter are off on their way to Rhodes for a week). On parking the car I realised that I had left my camera at home which was a promid=sing start. Good birds often appear when I do this. After negotiating the hordes of Pokemon players again (yes really there were dozens of them) I got to the diving board and a quick scan found the Med Gull on the second level. Assuming it the same bird it was interesting to compare the stage of moult to the recent pictures on the SBaW website. After watching it for a few minutes I decided to shoot home to get my camera. Somewhat predictably on my return it had gone. The only other bird of note was a Grey Wagtail. Another good county tick, I am now only eight short of my best Wiltshire year total and with five months to go I may have a chance of beating it.


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