Hoping For Nightjar Again

Last night I headed off to Savernake again on the hunt for a Nightjar. I arrived at around half-nine in what seemed perfect conditions. Reasonably warm, very little wind, and plenty of moths around. On arrival Song Thrushes were singing along with Blackbirds and Robins. Three or four Tawny Owls were calling and several bats flying around. I stayed until a little past half-ten with not a sniff of a Nightjar. It is looking as if they may not have returned this year. On the walk back to the car a Barn Owl flew across the track but I| had no luck with Glow Worms either. It was treatment day today so no birds but I did have the first decent moth in the house which I believe is a Small Magpie.. IMG_3156 (1024x575)
Also had this one in the garden and I know it is a lousy picture.IMG_3157 (1024x575)

2 responses to “Hoping For Nightjar Again

  1. Hi Malc, the black and white one is a Small Magpie and the other is a Garden Pebble.

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