Heuchera Heaven and a Wiltshire Wood

With no birding at all this week I needed to get out today. I was at work first thing (04.00) and after a trip to Portsmouth was home at just gone ten. I had seen that there was an open day at a Heuchera specialist near to Lymington and as this is one of my favourite plants decided to go and have a look. After a good journey down I spent an enjoyable hour looking at and buying plants. http://www.heucheraholics.co.uk/ Then it was time for some birds. With nothing of any interest showing locally I decided on a return visit to Franchises Wood. I was just climbing over the stile into the wood when I heard first a Firecrest and then a Wood Warbler. The Firecrest was ignored as the WW was my target bird. Within a couple of minutes I  had tracked it down and then spent the next twenty minutes watching it patrolling its territory almost constantly singing and calling. Its whole body could be seen vibrating as it sang. At one point another bird came close and the two had a little competition for a minute or so.

Ther were plenty of animals to be seen with many Ponies, Donkeys and Cows encountered on or close to the road.IMG_3145 (1024x575)With the target bird in the book I decided not to walk any further and returned to the car. To avoid Salisbury I took an enjoyable back route through West Dean, crossing into Hampshire as I headed for Salisbury Plain. I was running out of time so just had a short drive around managing to see Stone Curlew, Stonechat and Whinchat.IMG_3146 (1024x575)

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