Magical Day at the Water Park

Today myself and Matt Pringle went birding at the Water Park. We started off at Twitchers with at least four Black Terns, Several Common Terns and a probable Arctic Tern. A Redshank was seen on the scrape and a Cuckoo flew across the lake towards Waterhay. Another birder saw a Kingfisher but we missed it. A Garden warbler was heard but we didn’t manage to see it. We then headed of to walk along 68A / B. Here we did manage to see a garden Warbler along with Blackcap and several Whitethroats. Further along the lake we could see several Terns including a couple more Black. Moving along the lake we reached an open area to view from. As we arrived a small Tern flew past, Little Tern, a great catch, only my second in Wiltshire. It flew along to the end of the lake and while watching it Matt picked up a Little Gull. This was followed up with a definite sighting of an Arctic Tern. We spent the next twenty minutes or so watching four species of Tern and a Little Gullbusily feeding along the lake. Also seen was a Kingfisher. Moving onto the hides at the end of the lake we had fleeting glimpses of a couple of Reed Warbler and another Kingfisher but not much else. Two Oystercatchers were in a flooded field along with a lot of Canada and Greylag Geese. Heading back along 68 almost all of the Terns had gone leaving just the Little Gull to be watched. We then cut through the hedge to walk back on the Thames Path alongside Lake 59 where we saw a Red Crested Pochard with three ducklings. On the corner before the hide we heard and then saw a Nightingale. Then followed a wading session where the water was not far off the tops of our wellies.IMG_3029 (1024x682) It was then back to Twitchers for the last twenty minutes or so of our trip. There were still a couple of Black terns over 74 but the scrape was our main focus. We managed to add Whimbrel, Ringed Plover, Sanderling and Dunlin to the day list which ended up at fifty-three on what was one of the best days birding I have had at the water Park.


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