A Dry Hour at the Water Park

After spending some time driving around Swindon getting a few things sorted I headed off to the Water Park. When I left Swindon it was pouring but amazingly it cleared just before i arrived at Twitchers. There were more out of towners here today. A group from the west midlands who had been staying in the area for a couple of days. They were very pleased to have seen Red Crested Pochard. Guess we tend to take these for granted forgetting that they are pretty rare across most of the UK. It was pretty quiet to start with just a few Common Terns flying around. There were a few more over on 68 and while watching them a Black Tern popped into view for about fifteen seconds. Some time spent scanning the scrape eventually got me five Dunlin, 2 Redshank and a Ruff. This wasn’t the breeding plumage male seen later on in the day but a much plainer individual. Probably a female. As I was scanning the Scrape a flock of birds flew across. Following them I found a flock of a dozen Black Terns, I watched them for a short while then came off of them when I caught a wader flying the opposite way. When I looked again they had disappeared. I thiught that they had flown away but as some were reported in the afternoon I guess they must have gone down somewhere on the scrape. I then headed off to lake 16 which is usually good for Terns. I was in luck as there was an Arctic Tern mixed in with around a dozen Commons. I then headed for Eysey but unfortunately the rain arrived there ahead of me. Not fancying a soaking I just did a quick scan of 305e picking up a couple of LRP and singles of Oystercatcher, Gadwall and Teal. So another successful visit with a bit of luck with the weather.


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