Twitching Downs Bakery

Pete and I had decided to go out today but we were undecided as to where to go. The Water Park or Salisbury Plain were the favourites. Arriving at Pete’s at a bit gone ten we finally decided on a trip to Severn beach to buy some cakes at the excellent Downs Bakery. Also there just happened to be a Temmincks Stint on the Pilning Wetlands. On arrival we chose to do a bit of birding first. A short walk out found us joining a group of birders watching the Stint. We soon found it at the back of the Butts Pool and enjoyed great views. Also here were a few Dunlin, Ringed and Little Ringed Plover. At one point all of the waders bar the Stint flew up and dispersed over the grass towards the river. The Stint obviously preferring the freshwater stayed put allowing us plenty of time to enjoy watching it. A good scan of the area found several Grey Plovers, some in full summer plumage. No Yellow Wagtails were found so another dip for me. We then headed back to the car and off to the bakery where as usual we were spoilt for choice of cakes etc. Then it was back on the motorway to go to the Water Park. As we wanted to eat we went straight to Twitchers were we had our lunch whilst scanning the lake. We were joined by a group of six birders on they way back north after a weekend in Dorset and also two more who were from the Stroud area. Unfortunately there wasn’t much of interest on show to impress the visitors. I managed to find a couple of Whimbrel that were hunkered down on the bar in front of the spit. Eventually we saw at least seven. A couple of Hobbys were feeding over 68 and one came quite close to us over 74. Some persistent scanning was rewarded with a Common Sandpiper and two Redshank. Warblers were in good voice with Common and Lesser Whitethroat, Blackcap, Garden, Cetti’s and Sedge all noted. The Nightingale also joined in for a few minutes. I had forgotten to take my camera so no pictures but here is one of the Stint that I have taken from the Severnside website.wpa32afe1a.jpg


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