Great Morning at the Water Park

Leaving home at seven on a gorgeous morning i headed straight to Twitchers hoping to find some of the waders that were around yesterday. It can be quite frustrating here as there are many areas of the scrape that can’t be see. However a good bit of time scanning finally revealed a group of small waders. In all I counted three each of Ringed and Little Ringed Plover, eight Dunlin and a Curlew Sandpiper. Two Cuckoos were heard but not seen, one from 95 and the other over towards Waterhay. A few Whitethroats were seen along with a couple of Sedge Warblers. Heard but not seen were Nightingale and Green Woodpecker. I then headed over to Eysey where I met up with Ken Cypher who very kindly showed me a picture of a Garganey that had been in view a few minutes earlier. Fortunately it, and another  flew back in. They even stayed long enough for some record shots to be taken.

Then it was back home in time for a cooked breakfast. I had been in around five minutes when I got a text. When I looked I couldn’t believe it, seventeen Black Terns on Lake 74. So it was into the car and back to Twitchers. Fortunately the Terns were still there albeit only fourteen, but who is complaining about the missing three. I spent ten minutes or so watching them before heading home to find all the food had been eaten bar one rasher of bacon and some beans. So it was a bowl of cereal for me, a fair trade I reckon.

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