Southleaze Surprise

I was on my way home from work and was going to stop at Waitrose to get something for dinner. On a whim I decided to have a quick look at the lakes at Southleaze. Walking down towards the one nearest the motorway I saw a small flock of birds fly in. I thought ducks but hoped for waders. I was sticking close to the hedgerow as I approached the lake which meant I was looking into the sun but a quick scan revealed a group of five waders. Moving along a bit for a better view I could see that they were Ruff. Three had black breasts, one a reddish breast and the other was browner with a white head. All fabulous looking birds. They upped and flew around to the other side of the lake which gave me a chance off seeing them with the sun to the side. Before I could get round they flew again, this time heading off to the north. It looked as if they were dropping down onto the other lake but when walked across to it there was no sign of them. Hopefully they will reappear somewhere locally in the morning.


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